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Needles - Denim Sz16 5pk Janome


To order call: (419) 422-5812

When sewing on heavyweight fabrics, the right needle is essential.

The real test of any sewing machine is how well it sews through layers of denim.

This densely woven fabric can make your machine work twice as hard to create a stitch--unless you give it an unfair advantage and use a needle designed specifically to penetrate denim.

Janome Denim Needles have a very sharp point, a slender eye, and a thick, strong shaft which work together to sew through multiple layers of fabric without deflection or breaking.

And because you're going to want to use thicker thread with denim, they have an eye and front groove that are larger than normal.

Janome Denim Needles are also ideal for canvas, duck, and other heavy, tightly woven fabrics. In fact, if you try sewing through layers of these dense materials with a regular needle, your machine won't just work harder, you may end up with crooked stitches.

Like all Janome needles, the Denim has been designed to help your machine to stitch its best. And it will work on all Janome sewing, quilting and embroidery machines.

Don't forget to start each new project with a new sewing needle.