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Findlay Sewing Center.


Quality Repairs at Fair Prices

We have the knowledge and expertise to accurately determine your repair needs to get the job done right.

Your service/repair begins with a FREE ESTIMATE. The techs at Findlay Sewing Center are open and honest with you about the repairs you need and the price involved. Please call our store at 419-422-5812 for more information on service and repair or bring in your machine.

Note: A new needle will be used for each service. This way we know the condition of the needle and correct adjustments can be made.

Please bring the regular zigzag pressure foot with your machine. Although we do have feet for many machines, we may not have feet for machines we do not carry. We will need the zigzag foot in order to test zigzag stitches.

When the repairs on your sewing machine are complete, you will go home with a fully repaired product. All the repairs performed by Findlay Sewing Center are guaranteed; we service all makes and models of Sewing and Embroidery Machines.

Need parts or accessories for you sewing machine? Please have your make and model number with you so that we can find the correct parts and accessories when you call or come into the shop.


1. Bobbin winder tension assembly. 

This should not be screwed down tight. The tension cup should be able to move and the screw is used to balance the thread fill on the bobbin.

2. Thread catching or breaking while sewing? Check your feed dogs. Broken feed dogs on top, good feed dogs on bottom.

3. Using canned air or a blower to clean out your sewing machine or serger is not recommended. The lint and debris that is blown away, from the hook area in your sewing machine or from the loopers and knives in your serger, does not leave your machine. Instead, it is blown into the machine. This lint collects on parts that can either rust due to moisture collecting in the lint or can cause wear on various parts. Thread cutters can jam up, sensors may not be able to function as they are covered in lint and debris.

Lint from blowing out lint from hook and race.Lint collected in the underside of the sewing machine. This lint was blown into the machine from cleaning out the hook and race area of the machine. Use a vacuum to clean out lint.

Lint from blowing out hook and race area.Lint in bottom of sewing machine from blowing out the hook and race. (Bobbin Case area).

Serger. Loopers and knives are cleaned out. However, the lint is all over the rest of the machine as it was blown into it.Loopers and knives are clean. However, all that lint on the left is what was blown into the machine. I did not take a picture of the inside bottom of the machine. It looked the same.

Lint blown into machine rather than vacuumed out. Please use a vacuum.Lint blown into machine. Under normal usage and even heavy usage, lint would be very minimal in this area. The rear portion normally has no lint in it.

Lint in tension. This was blown up into the tension from the front of the machine.Lint in tension assembly. This lint came from the loopers and feed system when it was blown into the machine.

Lint and debris vacuumed away. Looks much better!After cleaning the lint and debris from the side of the machine.